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The DC Coalition for Housing Justice Offers the following services:
Housing Referrals
Housing Counseling
Educational Seminars
Project Development


 Presented workshops on the Rent Control Law, resulting in the successful renewal of the Rent Stabilization Act (Rent Control) in 2002.
 Organized and prevented government condemnation of properties located on Columbia Road, Park Road and Rhode Island Ave., N.E.
 Filed a Tenant petition in behalf of the 1611 Park Rd., Tenant Assoc. resulting in the Tenants having ownership rights in the dwellings & maintaining affordable housing.
 Successfully helped to organize citizens and met with Council members in the passage of the Housing Trust Fund.  The trust fund legally designates government revenue for the creation of low to moderate income housing.
 Provided testimony to Dept. of Consumer Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), Executive branch supporting the Reform of the Rental Accommodations Office.
 Sponsored a citywide Affordable Housing Forum featuring community housing leaders from all sectors of the at-large community.
 Successfully help to activate the community involvement to encourage the withdrawal and recommendation to abolish the Rental Housing Commission budget of $270,000.
Help to spearhead and activated community involvement to examine the District of Columbia Amendment to the Sale & Conversion Act, Bill 15-133,  closing the loophole, and restoring tenants first rights to purchase property.

the passage of the “Rent Control Reform Act of 2006,” which included, “Tenants Rights to Organize Bill,” the “Tenant Information Act,” Tenants Opportunity to Purchase Act,” and created DCCHJ’s proposed concept, and activated the community for the establishment of the District of Columbia, "Tenant Advocacy Office (TAO)." Our successful efforts of coalition building and action with others positively impacted over 72,000 apt. units in D.C.  We believe that tenants, homeowners, individuals, businesses, government and families are the fundamental building blocks of our communities, and the city. 

Coalition members continue to educate, train and promote "Decent and Affordable Housing is a Human Right," through direct contact with individuals, organizations, government, groups, the private sector, print, radio and TV.


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