Official "2006 Rent Control Reform Act," bill signing with Mayor Anthony Williams, and DCCHJ's representatives.
The DC Coalition for Housing Justice, Inc.,
is a nonprofit, 50l(c)3 membership organization that perpetuates, preserves and seeks to encourage and inspire social justice by addressing housing as a human rights issue.

Our mission is
 to assist citizens and residents in identifying and securing affordable housing, in the midst of major development activity, through education, information dissemination, public forums, and advocacy; and
 to identity professional resources and programs that assist residents in need of affordable housing.

Our motto, Decent and Affordable Housing is a Human Right, drives our efforts to work with residents, government, private industry, contractors, developers and virtually all identifiable stakeholders who can lend support to maximize opportunities toward the creation of critically needed affordable housing.

We also seek to inform residents about laws that protect them against constructive evictions, foreclosures, predatory lending, redlining, and the myriad of barriers to the procurement of affordable housing.

The Coalition supports and encourages tenant ownership and adequate funding for the rehabilitation of blighted properties, while advocating for comprehensive housing policies that would result in equity for all residents.

We believe that tenants, homeowners, individuals, and families are the fundamental building blocks of our communities and the city.


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